2 Months in Chiang Mai as a Digital Nomad (+Why You Should Make It Your Next Destination)

    Cherry Blossoms Chiang Mai Thailand

    Chiang Mai has become a hub of remote workers, freelancers and online entrepreneurs over the past couple of years. With the super low cost of living, amazing wifi everywhere and the beautiful Thai culture, why wouldn’t you want to spend time here!

    At the end of December last year my flight touched down in the beautiful northern Thai city.

    With 10 days of accommodation booked and no plans for after that, the Chiang Mai digital nomad experiment began! Read more


    Want to travel the world? Digital nomad/ remote job ideas to make it happen

    Digital Nomad Jobs

    If you’re reading this then you’ve probably heard of the terms ‘digital nomad’, ‘location independent or ‘remote working’.

    With advancing technologies and our ever-growing love to travel, remote work is being increasingly accessible. But what are some of the jobs I can look into to become a digital nomad?

    Use this list as a starting point to spark your imagination. Maybe you can go remote with your current role or skillset? Or you may fancy a new direction completely.

    Read more


    How to Visit Copenhagen, Denmark on a Budget

    Nyhavn Copenhagen

    Do you have those places you’ve travelled to that you find yourself daydreaming about, wishing you were back there? For me, that place is Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. Northern Europe is well known for being quite expensive, but there are lots of ways you can save money and still have a fabulous trip. Read more


    Life is happening FOR you- Manifesting dreams!

    Law of Attraction

    Cherry Blossoms Chiang Mai ThailandYOU are in control of your destiny.

    That can be a hard pill to swallow, right?

    Often we like to blame others for our shortfalls in life- ‘It was how I was raised’ or ‘Because of x I never got the opportunity to…’

    And I get it. I really, truly do. Read more


    Well Hello 2019! Spending New Years Eve In Chiang Mai Thailand

    Chiang Mai Temple

    So I’m a little late to the party, we’re already 13 days into 2019, but better late than never right?

    Right now I’m in Chiang Mai Thailand. Whilst it was tempting to stay back home in the UK for New Year’s Eve, I knew 2019 needed to start in a new place, with a brand new perspective. Read more