Vegan Survival Guide For Travel | Top Tips

    Vegan Travel Food

    Travelling is one of the beauties of life, getting to experience exciting new foods and cultures. However, if you’re vegan travel can seem a little tricky; think navigating language barriers and cultural differences! You could end up ordering the steak by accident or living on salad.

    It doesn’t have to be like this though! With a little thought and planning, you can happily eat your way around the world. Read more


    How To Find The Best Hostels on Hostelworld

    Best Hostels on Hostelworld

    So you’re dreaming about your upcoming trip to a beautiful cultural city. You’ve found awesome cheap flights or grabbed an interrail pass, but now you need to find somewhere to stay!

    Hostels are a great way to visit new countries and cities. They are most often the cheapest form of accommodation and you’ll meet people from around the world. If you’re a solo traveller or backpacker (See my post all about why you should travel solo!), they are especially awesome. Read more


    Where To Find Natural Vegan Toiletries That Are Travel & Eco-Friendly

    vegan eco-friendly beauty

    Featuring Shampoo Bars, Bamboo Toothbrushes, Natural Deodorant & Almond Oil to Remove Makeup

    Vegan products such as toiletries and beauty have become much more easily available in recent years. If however, like me you want environmentally friendly products with natural ingredients, I’ve put together this post to share some of the many great options!

    Read more


    If You Love Healthy You’ll Love Austin, Texas!

    Wholefoods Healthy Austin Texas

    Visiting family in Austin for 2 months this summer has been so great for really experiencing all the Texas capital has to offer. What really stands out is how easy it is to be active and make healthy choices here.

    Ok, so of course Austin, like the rest of the US, has a tonne of fast food restaurants and unhealthy habits. However, it also has so much to offer that should be celebrated!

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