I’m so grateful that you’ve stumbled into this little corner of the interwebs, a journal if you will, to document a life of travel, veganism, and living with intention.

This summer I’m graduating from university and honestly, my greatest fear is an average life.Instead, I invite you to come along as I join the ever-growing number of millennials giving the middle finger to ‘normal’ lives. Think digital nomads, tiny houses, world travel, and living a life that resonates.

You can’t deny there are plenty of travel and vegan bloggers out there already, to which I’m very grateful for all of their advice, having spent six weeks this summer around Europe. But being a vegan with a gluten intolerance adds a sprinkling of a challenge to travel, which I have come to embrace. It’s a fun adventure finding places to eat, even in my home country! Therefore, I almost feel a sense of duty to any of you beautiful people out there who have stumbled across this blog, to share my experiences and lessons life has taught me and I’m sure will continue to offer along the way.

So, here we go. It’s January 2nd. I wish you all a happy holiday season and let’s have an incredible 2018 and beyond!

Speak soon,

Hannah x





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