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    Bali – Why I Have A Love Hate Relationship With This Magical Island

    Surf, sun, the most Instagram-able cafes and rice fields…Bali is a truly incredible experience.

    So why the post title?

    After spending a month exploring the Indonesian island last year I was more than ready to move on and fly down to Melbourne.

    As a solo traveller I’d been spoiled so far with super comfortable and safe destinations. I wouldn’t say Bali is unsafe, but it can be an intense place and several small incidents accumulated; it was time to leave.

    A year later and this nomad is a more seasoned traveller.

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    Your Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Guide – Why You Should Make It Your Next Destination

    Cherry Blossoms Chiang Mai Thailand

    With a one-way ticket and just a few days of accommodation booked, it was time to let the Chiang Mai digital nomad experiment began!

    Chiang Mai has become a hub of remote workers, freelancers and online entrepreneurs over the past couple of years. With the super low cost of living, amazing wifi everywhere and the beautiful Thai culture, why wouldn’t you want to spend time here!

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    Well Hello 2019! Spending New Year’s Eve in Chiang Mai Thailand

    Chiang Mai Temple

    So I’m a little late to the party, we’re already 13 days into 2019, but better late than never right? Here’s what to expect spending a magical New Year’s Eve in Chiang Mai.

    Right now I’m in beautiful Thailand. Whilst it was tempting to stay back home in the UK for New Year’s Eve, I knew 2019 needed to start in a new place, with a brand new perspective. Read more


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