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    Want to Travel the World? Remote Work Ideas to Make it Happen

    Digital Nomad Jobs

    If you’re reading this then you’ve probably heard of the term ‘digital nomad’, ‘location independent or ‘remote work’.

    With advancing technologies and our ever-growing love to travel, remote work is being increasingly accessible. But what are some of the jobs you can look into to become a digital nomad?

    Use this list as a starting point to spark your imagination. Maybe you can go remote with your current role or skillset? Or you may fancy a new direction completely.

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    How To Volunteer Abroad For Free & Get Your TEFL | English Teaching In Europe

    Angloville volunteering Malta

    Have you ever wanted to volunteer abroad but don’t have the $$$ to make it happen? This was my situation too. But it IS possible. I’m here to show you how you can volunteer abroad for free, get your TEFL qualification and teach english!

    Last summer I was still in university but had 3 whole months of downtime before the dissertation began! Backpacking was the plan, but  I knew I didn’t have the funds saved up for a long trip. Read more


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