Finding Fabulous Vegan Food: Berlin

This past summer I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Berlin. Well, I fell head over heels in love with the city! From the rich history of the wall and Brandenburg Gate to the up and coming vibrant neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, Berlin really has it all.

And of course, Berlin is a vegan paradise! It’s obvious why Happy Cow listed it as one of their top vegan cities in 2017. Whilst in a week it wasn’t possible to try every eatery, I definitely made a good attempt. What’s more, for a capital city in Western Europe, Berlin was surprisingly inexpensive!

Berlin even has vegan supermarkets!

As well as cafe’s and restaurants, there are 3 Veganz supermarkets. Yes, 3 entirely vegan supermarkets with everything you could ever wish for! This is great for cooking at your hostel or Airbnb etc. Vegan currywurst is interesting, but I kinda liked it!

One last thing…I’m also gluten intolerant and there were plenty of amazing options out there for the gluten-free peeps!

So here are a few of my fave places to find gluten-free and vegan nosh in Berlin:

Lia’s Kitchen

I can still vividly remember the deliciously creamy mayo and feta cheese from this marvellous little cafe. Lia, you have my heart girl!

This cosy cafe is located is located on Kollwitzstrasse, about 10 minutes north of Alexanderplatz on the S-Bahn (The overground subways). Its a lovely place in the summer too, as most of the seating is outside on the tree-lined streets. You can sit and watch Berliners outside of the more touristy city centre.

It serves big portions, mainly burgers, salads, and Smoothies. Sadly the burgers weren’t GF but they looked incredible. The crumbly almond ‘feta’ on my salad though was super rich and cheesy. Plus their fries and mayo was delish. So so full after that meal!

Let It Be

This place was so good I may have gone twice, and had pancakes for dinner (a girl’s gotta treat herself sometimes right?).

They serve crepes, pancakes, burgers, beer, plus more and there is a really homely atmosphere. The neighbourhood is super lively and multicultural, and the staff were lovely!

All the dishes are named after celeb vegans, so of course, I had to go for ‘The Miley Cyrus’ buckwheat pancakes with chocolate chips, chocolate spread, and coconut shavings. It was decadent but sooo yummy (All for less than 6 euros!).

For round two I had dessert again, this time the ‘Moby’ applesauce & cinnamon pancakes. Delish, a must go place to eat!

Beets & Roots

Beets & Roots isn’t a strictly vegan eatery like the others, but on the menu they say can serve any of the dishes vegan, gluten-free an lactose-free. I had the Protein Bowl with quinoa, veggies, and butternut squash that was somehow marinated and added a meaty-ness to the dish.

It’s located close to the centre of Berlin and has a funky casual interior.

Kiez Vegan

I found this little gem on Happy Cow and they were so friendly! It’s a Turkish deli cafe with a big salad bar and serves pastries, pizza and other light meals. I was in luck, they had gluten-free florentines! Plus the salad was delicious (I asked for a mixture of anything gluten-free).

Sitting outside eating lunch with a coffee and dessert, you have to love this city.

So there you have it, my favourite vegan gems of Berlin (but honestly this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are countless amazing places to eat!).

Do you have any suggestions of must-try veggie eateries? Let me know in the comments below!

Hannah xx

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