If You Love Healthy You’ll Love Austin, Texas!

Wholefoods Healthy Austin Texas

Visiting family in Austin for 2 months this summer has been so great for really experiencing all the Texas capital has to offer. What really stands out is how easy it is to be active and make healthy choices here.

Ok, so of course Austin, like the rest of the US, has a tonne of fast food restaurants and unhealthy habits. However, it also has so much to offer that should be celebrated!

Yoga Everywhere!

Yoga in Austin Texas

If you’re a yogi or fancy giving it a go, there are so many yoga studios to choose from in Austin.

There’s also plenty of yoga events (often outdoors in the park) which you can turn up to. A great event to mention is Yoga With Adriene at The Fair Market. This Sunday morning practice with an awesome yogi YouTuber takes place roughly once a month and has such a great community feel. I think there were at least 200 people last time, with local vendors offering complimentary refreshments after the practice.

Enjoy Lady Bird Lake & the Natural Swimming Pool

Being from the UK the idea of outdoor water sports just sounds freezing cold. However, when it gets in the glorious 90’s in downtown Austin nothin sounds better than jumping into a giant spring-fed pool. Sure the water at Barton Springs takes your breath away for a few seconds, but it also feels so dang good!

If you can take the Texas heat Barton Springs is a great day out for the family. Alternatively, you can lounge and read a book on your own with your toes in the cool water!

On a sunny day, Lady Bird Lake is a sea of paddleboards and canoes. I can’t say I’ve done this yet, it’s on the list but getting stuck out on the lake with my cousin as a kid may have something to do with the hesitation!

Take the Hike & Bike Trail

This is a must-do activity for anybody visiting Austin, Texas. The Ann and Roy Butler hike and bike trail is a 10 mile stretch around Lady Bird Lake and is alive with Austin’s runners, cyclists and dog walkers. There are fabulous views along the trail and you can pick it up and get off at multiple points.

Healthy Food Paradise!

In a recent post- Where to Find Great Vegan Food in Austin Texas I gave a shout out to some of the best vegan spots in the Austin area. Of course, not all of this vegan food is exactly wholesome and healthy. However, from restaurants across the city, I’ve had some of the best salads, delicious noodle dishes, and veggie tacos.

Another great place to pack in the fruit and veggies is Juice Land. This juice and smoothie chain dotted around Austin (My fave is Wundershowzen)

And lastly, if you enjoy cooking there is a bunch of grocery stores. Places like Whole Foods, Sprouts, and central market sell organic, gluten-free, vegan, etc, whatever you could possibly need!

Conscious Cravings Tofu Quinoa Salad

Wholefoods Healthy Austin Texas

Austin really has a healthy, young vibe, everyone is in their LuLu Lemon’s drinking smoothies and running around the lake (in the crazy heat!). I would truly recommend this amazing city to anyone, especially if you’re a healthy active bean!

Hannah xx


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