Where to Find the Best Vegan Food in Austin Texas

Conscious Cravings Tofu Quinoa Salad

Austin Texas is such a young and vegan-friendly city! Here’s a guide to some great places to find vegan food in Austin for anyone heading to the great Texas capitol!

So I know this post is long overdue, oops sorry about that! After finishing university in May I was totally wiped. The realisation that there isn’t another year to focus on studying set in and the uni bubble popped. Graduation isn’t until the end of July so I’ve come to Austin, Texas for 8 fabulous weeks of adventure and relaxing… and of course lots of eating!

Not only did I gain a fabulous step-mother figure when my dad remarried, but a whole family of positive and welcoming individuals.

After meeting at the wedding last year, here I am in the sunny lone star state of Texas. I’m staying with my adopted aunt and uncle and having an absolute blast!


Austin is Awesome!

If you’ve never been to Texas before I can assure you that it’s not all cowboys and tumbleweed! Austin, in particular, is a vibrant young, healthy city that’s growing like crazy. It’s the state capitol with beautiful parks, lakes and an ever-changing skyline.


Vegan Food in Austin

Is it Easy to Find Vegan Food in Austin?

Ok, this is the best part. This city has amazing plant-based offerings all over the city. From vegan tacos and burger trucks, to 100% vegan restaurants, there are so many places to find great vegan food in Austin. Plus a lot of restaurants have vegan and gluten-free options marked clearly on the menu.

(And this city is home to Whole Foods Supermarket!!!)


Vegan Food in Austin

Where To Eat…

The Beer Plant

3110 Windsor Road, Austin, TX 78703

This gastropub is open for dinner during the week and then for brunch on the weekend. We went on a Saturday and had the avocado toast with tofu scramble (on gluten-free bread) and it was soo good! They serve so many different craft beers and have a really modern relaxed atmosphere.


Sweet Ritual

4631 Airport Blvd, Suite 125, Austin, Texas 78751

If you have a sweet tooth you have to visit Sweet Ritual to try their plant-based ice cream. It’s even popular with non-vegans because of how great it is and you can get everything from sunflower seed butter based chocolate chip to Cubano coffee with a cashew nut base. They have tonnes of toppings to add and pint-size tubs to take home for when you realise you need more Sweet Ritual!


Mother’s Cafe

4215 Duval St, Austin, TX 78751

Mother’s is a funky little place north of the University of Texas campus. It serves vegetarian and vegan food with a mixture of flavours. They have enchiladas, pasta, soup, salad and stir-fry to name a few. I really liked this place, especially because they did enchiladas with gluten-free tortillas and vegan cheese!


Casa De Luz

1701 Toomey Rd. Austin, TX 78704

If you’re into the more natural plant-based diet or want to eat good and healthy, Casa de Luz is awesome. Explaining this place isn’t easy but you could think of it as a holistic centre with a dining room that serves healing plant-based meals. You head inside and pay, then help yourself to the soup and salad of the day and find a table. Then a server will come over and bring you a plate of all the yummy food they’re serving that day. It’s usually rice, pulses, veggies, greens etc.

This was definitely a different experience from ordering off a menu but its fun to try new foods and Casa De Luz has a very relaxing atmosphere neatly tucked away from the bustle of downtown.


Casa De Luz - Vegan Food in Austin

Conscious Cravings

1311 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

Conscious Cravings Tofu Quinoa Salad

We stopped by this little food truck for a healthy lunch (before ice cream at Sweet Ritual!). The food tasted really good and fresh, the only slight disappointment was that they didn’t serve gluten-free wraps, but overall a great place to grab lunch!


900 Red River at Cheerup Charlie’s, Austin, TX

1700 E. 6th at The Grackle, Austin, TX

2908 Fruth at Spider House Cafe, Austin, TX

Dang! The gluten-free cheeze burger at Arlo’s may be the best burger I’ve had, ever! With all the vegan mayo, mustard, pickles and cheese it was super messy, a proper American burger to dig into.

With 3 trucks around Austin, you have no excuse not to try their amazing burgers, tacos and tots.  Also, they offer a gluten-free bun and patty so what’s not to love?

Arlo's Vegan Gluten-free Burger Austin

True Foods

222 West Ave Suite HR100, Austin, TX 78701

Having just stepped off a 9-hour flight True Foods was my first stop in the city.  Whilst not a strictly vegan or veggie chain, they offer great vegan and gluten-free options. They even offer two vegan desserts which is a real win for a ‘normal’ restaurant!

I totally recommend the bowls as True Food, there’s just so many good flavours going on.

True Foods Vegan Bowl - Vegan food in austin

Lastly, I just wanted to say how super easy it was to find delicious vegan food in Austin. There as so many new eateries opening all the time, so use this list a base and explore!


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