Want to Travel the World? Remote Work Ideas to Make it Happen

Digital Nomad Jobs

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably heard of the term ‘digital nomad’, ‘location independent or ‘remote work’.

With advancing technologies and our ever-growing love to travel, remote work is being increasingly accessible. But what are some of the jobs you can look into to become a digital nomad?

Use this list as a starting point to spark your imagination. Maybe you can go remote with your current role or skillset? Or you may fancy a new direction completely.

Exciting Life updates!

So it’s been an exciting few weeks- I’m officially working remotely full time!

After returning home from Texas and graduating, honestly, I dipped into a dark place. Coming from a lively city and hot climate to a rainy small town probably didn’t help. On top of that, I was trying to stay positive and optimistic whilst applying for every job out there, both remote and close to home. It felt like the dream of working for a great remote company was never going to happen…and then it did and I couldn’t be more happy and grateful!

It’s the law of attraction in action!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but I should have just trusted that I’d put the intention out to the universe and it was coming, but divine timing doesn’t care for our impatience! Actually, starting to feel down and questioning everything most likely delayed the receiving process.

Now I’m getting ready to move to a new European city or two until Christmas, before heading further afield in the new year. Watch this space!

Digital Nomad Jobs & Finding Remote Work

Anyway, rambles over, this post is an accumulation of resources and jobs/ businesses discovered from hours of research hunting online. These jobs can allow you to travel the world, explore amazing new cultures and meet new people.

Remote work online can be in the form of :

  • Working for a company
  • Freelance work
  • Creating your own business
  • Or a mash-up of different roles

There aren’t really any rules.

I’ll do another post highlighting travel jobs that aren’t digital, there are way too many to fit in here!

Also, I want to something out here. You don’t have to be sitting on a beach with your laptop to be a digital nomad. Sounds great but a little impractical for the most part. You can move to a new country or city for a few months or relocate completely. It’s about having the freedom to be location independent.

You can work from home, in a coffee shop, co-working space, and maybe in a hammock on the beach for Instagram purposes! 🙂

Bathaus Coworking in the US

Bathaus Coworking in the US


eCommerce Entrepreneur

As a former Amazon FBA seller, I’ll focus on explaining this for the most part.

I had a business selling bamboo toothbrushes on Amazon as part of their FBA program. Basically, the process starts by sourcing a product from a supplier (often in China) and customising the packaging /product design. After creating a product listing and shipping your stock to an Amazon warehouse, Amazon will fulfil the orders and you make sure customers are happy and manage stock levels.

Ok, I think I may have made it sound easier than it is. Amazon FBA or any eCommerce for that matter is a little risky. You need to have the right product at the right time and with the right marketing strategy. I learnt a heck of a lot over the year I was an FBA seller. My business broke even in the end, but if I’d have pumped more cash into marketing at the beginning I think I could have ranked higher and sold more units. Despite my story, many sellers can live very comfortably on their profits.

The great thing about this business model (and others that use drop shipping) is that somebody else ships the physical product so you can travel freely.

There are other platforms such as Shopify and Etsy. Etsy can be fully online if you’re selling a digital product such as WordPress themes or Lightroom presets.

Admin Roles

This is an umbrella for a host of different tasks and jobs you can take on. Often these are listed as freelance gigs on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. You may also be able to leverage your pre-existing contacts and network to find admin work.

A few examples of admin roles include transcribing, customer service, data entry, proofreading and project management.

Virtual Assistant

Crossing over with admin gigs, virtual assistants may take on admin tasks for clients, as well as managing meetings, personal appointments, social media and more.

Some people take on multiple clients and become full-time virtual PAs. Others, including myself, do this as more of a side hustle. Either way, this job requires very good organisation and communication skills.

You can use existing contacts to find freelance PA work, find an agency, or search through online job sites such as indeed.


If you can speak multiple languages, consider becoming a translator.

Sadly I can only speak English so far, and my A grade GCSE German vocab is long gone! So, I’m going to link this article from Square Hippy on ‘How to make money as a digital nomad translator‘ to help you out.

You can start your search for translator work on sites like Upwork and Gengo.


Online marketing offers many remote work opportunities. From the copy and creative side to the more technical elements many businesses out there are looking for individuals to do this for them!

Copy Writer

During my remote job hunt, it seemed like everywhere was looking for copywriters!

Whether it be for a company website, blog, or for guest posts, you need to love writing! You’ll need to have accurate grammar skills and be able to adapt your style to the content at hand. Often you will be asked to provide examples of your work upon applying.

For this type of position, try picking a niche you have experience with and search for companies within this niche. Even small companies advertise on their own websites and they may be looking for someone to create content for them, you never know!

Social Media Manager/ PPC Manager

Whilst at university a guy on my course had his own social media management company and I thought that was so cool. He’d built up a few local clients and managed their online presence across platforms.

If you love social media, you could build your own agency or find a company to work for full time.

You can also manage paid advertising or Pay Per Click (PPC), creating social media ads to drive traffic to websites and offers.

SEO Specialist

Getting to the top page of Google (and staying there) doesn’t happen by accident! Websites and content need to be structured in such a way to make search engines happy. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the technical term for this.

If you have some level of technical website and coding knowledge you may be right for this job!


Now I’m sure some of you out there may roll your eyes at this one, thinking it’s way too difficult to make money blogging! Well let me tell you, it’s not the easiest path to go down. However, with affiliate links, sponsorships and ad revenue many bloggers (and YouTubers) are doing pretty darn well. I’m proud to say that I made money this month blogging!

Video Editor

Businesses may lack the skills or time to edit their own content. If you know how to edit footage and create effective videos, why not give it a go? Also, travel may lend itself well to shooting your own footage and becoming a videographer.

Graphic designer

Graphic design jobs were another position I saw everywhere during my job hunt. Often you need the right design degree and/ or experience, plus an awesome portfolio to apply. But if you check those boxes, this could be a fantastic remote role for you, either as a freelancer or in-house.

Web Development

There are so many job roles under this section, and honestly, I’m not techy enough to go into too much detail about each one.

However, if you have skills such as coding, web or app development, programming, IT experience etc, then you are in a good position. These skills are highly sought after!

Sites such as are particularly useful to find such work.

Teach English Online

It’s kinda awesome that you can be sat in your living room teaching a child on the other side of the world in a country like China. Online English teaching has really grown in popularity in recent years. There are quite a few companies that you can work for, depending on where you’re from.

Some of the most popular include:

Qualifications vary for each company. Often you need a bachelors degree, and a TEFL qualification is desirable.

I’ve personally only worked for one- DaDa ABC. It was an interesting experience. I wouldn’t say it was all bad, the pay was good and the children were so sweet, but the rules didn’t align for me. For example, you need to give 10 days notice to move your classroom to another location (even in the same country), so travel or visiting relatives was difficult.

This was manageable, but I realised I couldn’t continue after one particular lesson. A small, shy 4-year-old boy was my student, and after a few minutes of trying to get him to say hello, his parents (who were sat with him) were getting impatient with him. The boy got really upset and started having a tantrum. I could just hear shouting these parents were dragging this child to sit in front of the screen for ages. I’d contacted the support team and wasn’t allowed to end the lesson. I just had to witness this, eventually turning the sound off as it was so distressing.

But don’t be put off  just yet…

This isn’t the same for every company and as an accessible form of remote work, it’s worth being on this list. Many people love teaching online and work for multiple companies. Ensure you read the contract carefully and know what you are signing up for. As a side hustle a few hours a day or week, go for it.

Coach, Consultant or Therapist

Are you a qualified therapist or maybe a lifestyle coach/ consultant?

You don’t need to be face-to-face with your clients to make a positive difference.

Why not set up a freelance service using Skype and email to work with clients around the world?

Digital Nomad Life

Digital Nomad Life

This list is by no means all of the opportunities out there for digital nomads and finding remote work. But I hope it has given you a taste of what is possible and some avenues to research further.

Finding remote work opportunities might seem a little daunting at first but don’t give! Just keep building your skillset and experience.

Please reach out if you have any questions or think there’s a really great one missing from the list!

And don’t forget to Pin this post for later!

15 Digital Nomad Job Ideas

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